In order to create the very best treats, for the very best pets, our treat variety may change as ingredient availability changes.  Although treat varieties may change, one thing never will:  the quality.  Zacky Snacks and Boo's Chews will always be human-grade quality, all-natural and preservative-free pet treats.  

"Zack n Boo's Kitchen" pet treat varieties may include....


*"Zack-o-Lantern" pumpkin dog treats  

*"More peanuts, Honey!" peanut butter & honey dog treats   

*"Luck o' the Irish Setter" potato & sweet potato dog treats   *"How's the Liver, Spot?" beef liver dog treats    

*"Yam Fine!" sweet potato chips


*"Holy Mackerel!" salmon & mackerel cat treats  

*"Baked Tuna Melt" tuna & cheese cat treats  

*"Sardines and Greens" sardine & catnip cat treats

*"All the Fish in the Sea" -- all three seafood treats listed above, together in one package! 

*"Holiday Leftovers" turkey liver & cranberry cat treats

(The liver in these treats comes from the dozens of

turkeys used to feed Tucson's hungry on

Thanksgiving Day. Therefore, a portion of the

"Holiday Leftovers" treat sales will gladly be donated

to various hunger relief organizations. Thank you

for you purchase!"

You will notice I do not say these treats are.... 


Or peanut butter FLAVORED. 

Or  beef liver FLAVORED.   

Or tuna & cheese FLAVORED.

That's because these treats are the real deal.  For example, each 5oz package of "How's the Liver, Spot?" dog treats is made from over half a pound of fresh beef liver!   

Call or email for current availability or to inquire about any special requests you may have, such as pet birthday cakes.

Or treats for special diets....

If you provide me with a list of the optimum foods for your pet's health or specific dietary needs, I will create a custom treat accordingly. 

Likewise, if you provide me with a list of foods your pet SHOULDN'T have due to allergy or illness, I will custom-make a treat avoiding those items altogether, if possible. 

Pricing on custom treats will vary.  Call or email for more information.

Thank you for considering making the switch to ZACK N BOO'S KITCHEN All-Natural Gourmet Pet Treats!  Try them all and let us know which treats YOUR pets enjoy the most!

Pawsitively & sincerely,

Linda Zubel~~

Retired Pastry chef and owner of

Zack n Boo's Kitchen Gourmet Pet Treats &

Reigning Cats & Dogs Pet Sitting Service